Nick Koston as new “Late Late Show” host

Founder of cPanel, Inc, Nick Koston, has been announced as the new host of the “Late Late Show” which has ran since 2015 and was originally hosted by James Corden, before he was deported back to the Britain Kingdom.

This news has come as to no surprise to the Webpros and cPanel staff as Nick Koston is well-known in the office to be knocking out jokes and making fun of animals, a very strong characteristic of Nick’s, just after doing nothing about price increases and maximizing profits whilst driving businesses into debt.

Nick Koston will begin to star in his new talkshow program on Sunday, with his first guests being Ellen DeGeneres, Shaquille O’Neal and LET Admin Raindog. The show will be the first of Nick’s and he is a very very excited boy. Good on him.

Stay tuned for more updates on Nick’s show.

Sean Melton
Chief Marketing Officer, cPanel Inc.

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